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Virtual Telephone – Call Answering – Secure Email – Microsoft Cloud – Consulting

Businesses today need to enable employees to stay productive and accessible whether they are at their desks, in a remote office, or mobile – on their smart phone, tablet or laptop – anywhere and everywhere! Businesses today need clients and sales calls answered professionally and consistently in any location. When a real operator answers your calls, you give customers a reason to choose your company over that of your competitor. Get the greatest productivity advance – combine Virtual Telephone and Call Answering for Unified Communications across your business ; or select one of the services and transform your business communications.

Discover Calling provides unified secure communications. Business PBX and mobile extensions of work phone; separate personal calls from business. Our solutions support today’s mobile workforce.  All employees, whether in the office, in a remote office or on the road integrate seamlessly into the corporate PBX system, letting them work as a single team no matter where they are located. The Mobile application extends tools like real-time Presence, IM, Presence Notes, Single Number Dial, Call Handling and more right to your iPhone or Android for increased productivity, enhanced customer service and cost savings.

Email disclaimers do not protect your information. Use patented, encrypted SenditCertified to send unlimited SecurePackages with proof of delivery, large file transfer, electronic signature, cloud storage, voice and video messaging and message recall.

Microsoft Cloud MS365 solutions, and Discovery Consulting complete our solutions.

Our Virtual business VoIP solution is hosted in the cloud. No more cost of maintaining wires in the office and the expensive service calls. Employees communicate across all devices. Add more than 65 calling features for productivity and ease of maintenance.

Reduce high carrier minute charges.

Add a great professional call answering team to your business

Our customers save at least 30% over traditional carriers month over month – proof that the best business phone systems don’t have to be the most expensive.

A Complete Virtual Phone System

Your unified communications system should help your business increase revenue, become more efficient, control cost, increase productivity, and improve your level of customer service.

With Discover Calling Cloud Services, you get the most advanced, reliable and fully-featured business phone system in the industry without the investment in telephone system equipment. It includes all of the capability of a premise-based PBX platform.

Cloud Services provides your total office communications solution with everything you need included in hosting packages – all PBX services and features, SIP Trunks, local, long distance and international calls –all on one convenient monthly phone bill.

Moving your phone system into the cloud not only saves you money, but it also puts a full suite of business features in your hands, all of which can be managed through intuitive online portals and easy-to-use smartphone apps.

All devices – PC, Mac, Mobile – iPhone, Android, Tablets, Desk phone

Powerful Dashboard on any PC and Mobile device – retrieve voicemail online & more

One Central Number – simplifies and strengthens your brand

Small & Medium Business, Enterprise, Multi-Site & Branch Offices, Mobility & Teleworker Support, Call Center / Contact Center

Professional Call Answering

For over 20 years businesses have chosen Discover Calling as their professional telephone answering service. Our telephone systems offer the most advanced communications and capabilities available.

High-Quality Phone Answering

Dashboard Call Manager

Quality Flexible Call Answering

Complete Virtual Telephone Answering

Simple Pricing

Flat-rate inbound and outbound calling packages

Select any Area Code, 800# or International number

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Certified Secure Email, Documents, Files

Medical Security.Today

SenditCertified is a patented solution that offers secure email, large file transfer, electronic signature, cloud storage and more. Web-based SenditCertified offers voice and video messaging, detailed reporting, message recall and more. Easily managed by the subscriber, no costly investments or ongoing maintenance are required.

SenditCertified protects clients in many industries, including healthcare, legal services, financial services, and real estate.

Corporate Business Solutions – Microsoft Office365, Online Meetings

Office Online Apps

Office Mobile Apps

Business Email

Business Conferencing

Office when and where you need it. From home to business, from desktop to web and the devices in between, Office delivers the tools to get work done.

Why We Are Different

Deep understanding and experiences – our specialists assist in developing requirements including, cost, Internet and networking, capabilities, mobile needs, operators, call centers and locations.

A major VoIP Telephone system: since 2001, for legal, medical, insurance, manufacturing, education, government, financial services, real estate, and more.

Zultys mission is to deliver leading edge, comprehensive unified communication solutions that are flexible, easy to use, and cost-effective; and enable companies of all sizes to improve productivity, enhance customer service, reduce costs, grow sales and increase profitability.

From small businesses to multi-national corporations, Zultys solutions are helping thousands of companies meet their customer’s needs every day.

SenditCertified solves the problem of insecure email and documents. Period.

 Is it really that simple?

Yes, it really is. And it really is quick. You can be up and running with our award winning live answering service within hours. Order online, and then we will contact you to get set up. Next thing you know Discover Calling is answering your. To make sure your account is just right, you can expect a follow up phone call from one of our team members shortly after your order is placed. Then just sit back and let our expert live Receptionists do the rest.

Choose Your Plan or Customize

You know what you want from a business telephone service and we have a plan for you. Need a custom or high call plan? No worries, it’s available.

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